Types of Concrete

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Posted on 29th Dec 2020

Concrete can be seen everywhere - roadways, bridges, swimming pools, shops, homes.

Concrete is a construction material used for a variety of construction purposes. It is a mix of cement, sand and coarse aggregate mixed with water. When all these are mixed together, it gets hard and firm over time.

The amount of water and cement can be changed to get the desired property from the concrete like strength, durability, workability and resistance to heat.

Many people think that there is only one type of concrete, but in actual there are varieties of concrete types available in market today. We are going to discuss a few today.


Different Types of concrete -


Normal strength concrete - It is usually used for pavements and sidewalks which do not require high tensile strength. Normal strength concrete has the ingredients - cement, sand and aggregate in the 1:2:4 ratio. This takes around 30-90 minutes to set, and produces normal strength concrete.


Reinforced concrete - This type of concrete is widely used in modern construction. The strength of concrete is increased by adding wires, cables and steel rods. Reinforced concrete creates a strong bond, and are able to withstand high tensile load.  Roadways, bridges, buildings are constructed using reinforced concrete.


Precast concrete - These are made in factory, according to the requirements and specifications of the project.  The Precast concrete is then transported to the site and then assembled.

These are mostly used for walls, staircase and pole construction.


High density concrete - These are used for very specific applications. It is mostly used for the construction of atomic power plants. Heavy aggregates are used to make high density


Concrete, which help the structure to resist radiation.  Usually crushed rocks are used as aggregates.


Decorative concrete - It creates visually appealing concrete mixes. It is good for projects where you want the end product to look very attractive. It adds life to the dull structures.

Swimming pools and flooring can make use of decorative concrete to add great appeal to them.


Rapid set concrete – This is a good option when you are in hurry and want the concrete to get hard and firm in the shortest time possible. It is very good to use in winter season, when traditional concrete take much time to set in.


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