Oct 01, 2021
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Top benefits of installing a stamped concrete -

Stamped concrete is stamping of concrete into different designs and patterns. Due to its good pricing and good looks, people use it for their businesses, malls, houses, swimming pools and more.

  Aug 09, 2021
Concrete Depot

Different Types of Concrete Work we provide in Calgary

There are variety of concrete work available for all types of constructions - residential or commercial.

  Aug 09, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions about Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a nice alternative to the brick and natural stones. It is a good option for patios, walkways, steps and garden paths.

  Aug 09, 2021

Some faqs about concrete and its products

What is concrete ? Concrete is a mixture of many ingridients like cement, water, paste, additives and aggregates. It can also include color as per the requirment of the customer. Are concrete and its products always grey? By default, concrete comes in grey colour, but we can add any color to it according to our needs. So concrete and its products can be made in any colour. Be it red, green ,black or white.

  Apr 06, 2021
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What are precast concrete stairs? What are their pros and cons?

Stairs are used to access one floor to another. It is the stairs which facilitate safe and ease transfer of occupants from one floor to another. Each individual unit of stair is called steps. Stairs can be made from wood, steel stone and more. It can be made on the spot or or can be pre casted and installed on the site.


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