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Want new concrete stairs construction in Calgary? Then let us serve you. We have been providing concrete stairs in Calgary since a long time. With a variety of different designs, sizes, and custom options, you can be assured to get a quality work done by professionals.

Concrete stairs are used in gardens, offices, apartments, swimming pools, restaurants. Main reasons for its use is that it can withstand heavy load, does not disintegrate easily and can withstand all weather.

Properly made and maintained staircases last for decades.

Concrete stairs are the main feature of a building, home especially in Calgary and nearby areas. Stepping up the old stairs will increase the beauty of your property many folds.

concrete stairs designs calgary

Our Method - We use all the latest machines and popular practices to ensure the quality of our concrete construction.


Get Custom Concrete Stairs in Calgary

  • Decorative concrete stairs - We specialise in making decorative concrete stairs in Calgary. We have been making decorative stamped and exposed concrete for our clients in Calgary.
  • Custom Stairs - If you want some custom construction in concrete stairs, then we can make it happen. Call us for all kinds of custom construction for your home/ business.
  • Floating Concrete Stairs - We can make you beautiful floating stairs, which will add beauty to your shop, business and home. These look amazing and are really worth the money you spend.
  • floating concrete stairs designs calgary


Super-Fast Construction with Precast concrete -

Precast concrete stairs are becoming very popular now days.  People who need speedy construction can opt for this. With precast concrete, Companies also have their construction time reduced. 

Contact us today to get your custom precast stairs delivered right to your doorstep. We are the top contractor in Calgary.

Different types of stairs -

  • Precast concrete stairs - These are made in factory and directly installed at the house, business.  Opting for this option is usually a faster option, for those who want faster work.

Here you get options for custom work. If you have some ideas or designs, you can share it with us and get it installed.

precast concrete stairs calgary

  • Poured Concrete - These are more time consuming than the precast stairs. Manual work is needed on ground, on which concrete is poured. It can be customised according to the requirements of the site.
  • Earth supported stairs - These are made in such a way that the concrete slab reaches to the ground, providing the stairs support from the lower ground.
  • Suspended stairs - These stairs are suspended above the ground, and get strength from the sides and little from bottom. These are harder to make and are less used.


Precast Concrete Steps/ Stairs Calgary

Precast concrete stairs are made in the factory and are placed directly where the customer wants.With precast concrete, you can also look for custom designs as it gets easy to make custom design at factory and then install.

Advantages of precast concrete stairs

  1. Water resistance: Precast concrete steps are water resistant. They do not absorb water upon exposure.
  2. Crack resistance: With years and decades of use, there is little chances that these steps will crack.
  3. No extra maintenance: Concrete stairs once installed by a professional company like concrete depot, will last for years and even decades. Just timely maintenance will enhance its life.
  4. No dust pollution: As the precast concrete steps are made in factory, they help in avoiding the dust due to concrete mixing and making.
  5. Strong build: Precast concrete stairs are super strong and rigid, they don't break easily on heavy weights. So carrying furniture or other heavy items on the steps will not harm it.
  6. Time saver: The main advantage of precast steps is that it saves a lot of time, as its pre made in factory and the workers just need to bring and install it in your property.

Contact us and our professional will install precast concrete stairs within a day.


Concrete Stairs Repair and Maintenance Calgary-

It’s not always necessary to construct new stairs. If the structure is good enough, It can be repaired and refurbished. We do all kinds of repairs and maintenance work in calgary.

Our experts are trained to find out the faults and fix it from the root. This way you can save lots of money on the new construction. Call us today to get rid of all the cracks and convert it into a new shining one!

We do all kinds of repairs of the old, worn out stairs.


How the stairs get un-levelled -

When water reaches the soil below the concrete stairs from rain, snow or leaks, the soil can shift from its place. Thus it can lead to potential dis balancing of the stairs from its place.

Also, Stairs get eroded with time, weather and constant use and it gets difficult for elderly to use it regularly.

So it’s important to get these types of issues fixed soon before someone gets injured.

Concrete depot can send concrete professionals who can detect and repair all the faults quickly, at affordable rates.

We mostly get the repairing work done in a few hours and make stairs usable the same day.


Cost/ Price of Concrete Stairs construction in Calgary -

The price depends upon a lot of factors. Depends of which type of stairs is installed, type of concrete used, designs, custom features and more.

Kindly call us directly and we will be glad to discuss prices and details according to your requirements.


Frequently asked questions:

  • Why are concrete stairs preferred?

They can handle heavy load, don't corrode, are economical and can last for decades.

  • How long does it take to make concrete stairs?

It depends. Precast concrete stairs can be installed the very same day. Poured concrete can take from 2-5 days.

  • How to determine if I should repair the stairs or make a new one?

Our professionals will visit, analyse and tell you what would be the best bet, according to the condition of stairs.


Concrete Depot will provide you with the best concrete stairs work in Calgary. We provide all kinds of repair and maintenance of concrete stairs. Precast concrete also available for fast installation. You just need to call, email us with your requirements and we will send you a detailed quote with price and quotations. Call us today!


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