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Exposed concrete is a very widely used decorative concrete option. Many people prefer to use this as it is able to handle the severe Canadian cold.

When compared to the cost of a stamped concrete, these are budget friendly.

This type of concrete are very durable in nature. Also to make it last longer, timely maintenance and proper sealing should be done.

Exposed concrete gives a luxurious look as well as reduces the chances of slipping on wet concrete.

How is it made?

Exposed concrete surface is made by first putting concrete, and followed by removing the outer skin of the concrete to get the decorative aggregate.

Different types of materials can be used to make concrete with your desired design and features. In the end you get a beautifully crafted concrete.

To make the concrete last longer, you need to have timely maintenance and cracking filling. Concrete depot provides exposed concrete repair and maintenance services in Calgary.

Exposed concrete are generally expensive than other types of concrete. Mostly they are made to be looked decorative and attractive,matching with the property.

As we have variety of designs and textures to select from, its very versatile and can be installed in all types of homes interiors and exteriors.

These beautiful concretes we make actually match with interior and exteriors of your home.

Some Decorative Exposed Concrete Designs -

Here are some decorative exposed concrete designs for you. We can make similar as well as better designs than this. If you have any custom designs in mind,

Then be sure to tell us so we can convert it to reality. We have all types of options and designs for all budget. Expect cool decorative designs from us.

exposed concrete garden design calgary exposed aggregate floor design

exposed concrete floor calgary exposed aggregate concrete garden designs


Exposed Concrete Prices, Cost in Calgary -

We provide decorative exposed concrete designs for homes, lawns, gardens, businessess. How much will be the cost? Cost depends upon the type of design, area of construction and work needed.

For detailed pricing, kindly contact us on phone, email and we will be glad to share prices according to your needs.


Frequently asked questions -

1) What is exposed concrete?
Exposed concrete surface is made by first putting concrete, and followed by removing the outer skin of the concrete to get the decorative aggregate.

2) Can you install it yourself?
Yes you can, but you need expert level precision and skills to successfully make an attractive exposed concrete.

3) Does exposed concrete need any maintenance once installed?
Yes, you need to do regular maintenance and crack filling to prolong its life and keep it in good shape.

Concrete Depot provides exposed concrete services in Calgary. We have been providing beautiful exposed concrete and all types of concrete work since a long time. Contact us to get a free quote for your next project.


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