Frequently Asked Questions about Stamped Concrete

Posted on 9th Aug 2021

Stamped concrete is a nice alternative to the brick and natural stones. It is a good option for patios, walkways, steps and garden paths.

Are stamped concrete slippery? It depends and varies from pattern to pattern. If it becomes much slippery, then anti slip agent can be added to the sealant to reduce it.

Can stamepd concrete be made according to the colour scheme of my house/ business? yes, It can be made of any colour and design , you just need to tell us about your requirement and we will do it as per your needs.

Do stamped concrete increase the value of the house? Yes, stamped concrete adds to the beauty as well as to the value of the property.

Do you provide the customer with design options? Yes, Concrete depot will provide you lots of designs to choose from, according to your needs and requirements.

How much does a stamped concrete cost in Calgary? Cost can vary according to the requirements and designs. Do note that a stamped concrete will be less expensive than a natural stone, and more expensive than a regular concrete construction.

How long can we expect a stamped concrete to last? With time it can get dull due to natural wear and tear. Resealing it restores it to natural beauty.

Why should I select stamped concrete instead of stone and brick? The main reason of selecting stamped concrete over brick and stone is that its relatively cheap to make and also requires less maintenance.

How much time does it take for construction? It can take 4-7 days, depends upon the nature and requirements of the construction.

Can we drive on stamped concrete? Yes you can drive on stamped concrete, make sure to give it 1-2 weeks of curing time.

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