Some faqs about concrete and its products

Posted on 9th Aug 2021

Some faqs about concrete and its products -

Are cement and concrete same? No, Cement is actually an ingridient of concrete. Concrete is a mixture of cement, additives and aggregates.

What is concrete ? Concrete is a mixture of many ingridients like cement, water, paste, additives and aggregates. It can also include color as per the requirment of the customer.

Are concrete and its products always grey? By default, concrete comes in grey colour, but we can add any color to it according to our needs. So concrete and its products can be made in any colour. Be it red, green ,black or white.

Can old concrete be recycled? When the concrete product has been used for more than its lifespan, then it can be used to make new concrete products. So yes it can be recycled.

What is the meaning of curing cement? Curing of concrete is one of the main things in preparing concrete. Proper curing of cement will highly increase its strength and durability.

Is there any measurement for concrete ? Yes, concrete can be measured by the cubic yard.

Do concrete / concrete structures crack? Yes concrete can crack. Its because it is not flexible and has to withstand different weather and othe conditions which can cause them to contract and eventually crack. But it can be easily fixed by placing joints in the area, by a professional.

Do concrete structures require maintenance? Concrete structures can last for decades without any maintenance. Though not always required, annual or once in 2 year is considered good, as it will prolong the life of the structure. Concrete life can be extended by not using harsh chemicals during winter, by not using strong chemicals to remove stain and finally cleaning it regurarly will prolong its life.

Are all concrete made fresh or do we have pre made concrete also? Yes we got premade concrete structures like concrete stairs. It comes handy when you have less time and want to get the stairs installed in minimum time. Pre made concrete structures saves a lot of time.

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