What are precast concrete stairs? What are their pros and cons?

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Posted on 6th Apr 2021

Stairs are used to access one floor to another. It is the stairs which facilitate safe and ease transfer of occupants from one floor to another

. Each individual unit of stair is called steps. Stairs can be made from wood, steel stone and more. It can be made on the spot or or can be pre casted and installed on the site. Precast stairs are becoming very popular now days. People who need speedy construction can opt for this method.

Precast concrete stairs are made in the factory and are placed directly where the customer wants. With precast concrete, you can also look for custom designs as it gets easy to make custom design at factory and then install.

Features of Precast concrete stairs -

Very fast Installation - As the precast ones are made in factory, they are easy as bought and installed. Once fixed at its place, they can be used instantly. Fire resistant - As they are made of concrete, they are fully fire proof.

Attractive - They provide a nice base for future works like addition of designs and patterns on the stairs. Some Advantages of precast concrete stairs - Saves time ? It saves a lot of time as its prepared in factory, ready to be installed.

Can withstand lot of weight - Concrete stairs are hard and rigid and can take heavy weights like furniture without damaging the steps.

Environment friendly- The construction site remains free of dust as the concrete is made in factory and transported to the installation site.

No special maintenance - Concrete stairs once installed by a professional company like concrete depot, will last for years and even decades. Just timely maintenance will enhance its life.

Water resistant - Concrete stairs are water resistant, they do not soak water on contact. Crack resistant- Even after years, decades of use, there is little chance that the concrete cracks.

Benefits of precast concrete ?

Precast concrete eliminates the use of temporary stairs during construction.

You get better quality as it is made in factory and not at construction site.

Much durable and are maintenance free. Cons of precast concrete stairs -

Higher cost is one of the main disadvantages of the precast concrete stairs.

Precast stairs are very heavy, and sometimes lifting machines are needed to move it from one place to another.

Extra care is needed to fix the concrete with the base structure.

Precast concrete is very heavy and can move away from house in case of any loosening of the joint.

Difficult to repair - Precast concrete are made in factory, and any cracks in it, will lead to it increasing even more and is difficult to repair.

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