Frequently Asked Questions about Stamped concrete in Calgary

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Posted on 6th Apr 2021

After construction of stamped concrete, it looks like tiles. It also it can be made to look like wood. This is why this innovative concrete is used for driveways, sidewalks and car porch.

It is a good option for courtyards, decks and residential buildings. The best feature is that they provide variety of patterns and designs for appealing look.

When deciding for looks and designs for your stamped concrete, it’s good to first review designs around your property and plan your design accordingly.

Frequently asked questions-

What is special in stamped concrete? When texture and colours are added to a normal concrete, it’s called as stamped concrete.

Are stamped concrete expensive? Compared to wooden decks and interlocking paves, they are less expensive and require less maintenance. Final quote will depend upon the amount of work and the quality you require.

Since how long is it being used? It has been used since the last 40-50 years.

Are there chances of it cracking? Actually the chances of cracking are there in every concrete. Weather, installation methods, ingredients all contribute to the chances of cracking. The chances of cracking reduce when the work is done by a professional concrete contractor, like concrete depot.

Can you install it yourself? You need some kind of expertise in the construction sector, along with specialized machinery and tools.

Are Commercial properties using stamped concrete? Yes, Stamped concrete is very much used in casinos, resorts, hotels and almost everywhere.

Do these concrete become slippery on getting wet? Chances of slipping are decreased when we apply anti-skid to each concrete. These don't change shape or texture of concrete in any way.

Is any kind of monthly/ yearly maintenance required? No special maintenance is required for the initial years. Only when you see cracks starts forming, you can call us for a reseal which will make it look even better than before.

How do you give colour to concrete? Generally colours are mixed in the concrete mixture. Some special designs need the colour to be applied topically.

Which areas do you cover? We provide stamped concrete construction services in Calgary and nearby areas. Call us to get more details.

How much does a stamped concrete construction costs? It depends on a lot of factors like the nature of construction, the area of construction and the quality and designs you want to install on your property. Call us today to know more.

Concrete Depot provides stamped concrete construction in Calgary. Call us today to get a free quote for your next project. We provide efficient service in affordable rates.


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